blog profileHi and welcome to Meg Writes Human Rights! I’m Meg, an Exeter University Law graduate, with a Masters in International Human Rights Law. I have always had a passion for the promotion of Human Rights. From a young age I sympathised with those whom we were shown on television who had to endure significant hardship through no fault of their own. Where some dreamt of helping others by becoming surgeons, psychologists or military, I dreamt of one day being able to save those whose lives are ripped apart by war, or slavery or some unjustifiable violation of their human rights of which they are undeserving and helpless. This is what eventually led me to specialise in Human Rights Law.

I have a desire to raise awareness of violations being incurred by people globally everyday, I want to bring to the surface the stories that deserve to be heard. To my mind, awareness equals change. If nobody knows what is happening, how can they begin to help? If nobody knows their human rights, how can they assert them? Even those with the best will in the world, cannot change or help a situation they don’t know exists.

With this in mind I have created Meg Writes Human Rights. A space where I can write about human rights issues that interest and matter to me, and that I hope will matter to those who read about them too. My aim is to provide a forum of easily accessible information, on issues past and present, to educate readers on human rights issues world wide. Every one of us has human rights, only some of us are lucky enough to have ours respected. Through various topics and news stories, Meg Writes Human Rights will shed light on the many human rights which are not respected, to help readers remain informed and better understand the world beyond the walls that they know.

The first step in making a difference is to uncover where the difference needs to be made, so enjoy what Meg Writes Human Rights has to offer!